Tips for going on vacation in Mongolia

Summertime is approaching and people are beginning to look for great vacation spots. Have you ever thought about going to Mongolia this summer? Despite being one of the most promising destinations for making capital investment in recent years, you might think that going to Mongolia on vacation is definitely out of the question. But before you completely dismiss the idea, let me tell you about the many wonderful things exploring Mongolia as a tourist can be other than channeling your capital and investing in Mongolia.

There are many beautiful things to see in Mongolia.

There is the 131-foot tall statue of Genghis Khan, who is considered to be their founder. The statue of the horse which Genghis Khan sits on is also the tallest statue of a horse in the world. The statue is located just outside of Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital city.

The Gobi Desert located South Mongolia is also something to visit. Despite being called a desert, it isn’t only filled with sand. The Gobi Desert is a vast landscape filled with many things. Since it used to be a sea, there are many fossils located mostly in the northwestern parts of the desert. Animals such as the Bactrian two-humped camels—indigenous to Mongolia—and Przewalski horse—the last wild horse in the world—can also be found in the Southern Altai Gobi Nature Reserve. There are many more animals to see in the reserve and many more sights all over the Gobi Desert. Booking a tour or a trip is easy nowadays with the help of the internet.

Another must-see is the Terelj National Park, one of the national parks in Mongolia. The park is located not far from Ulan Bator, some 90 minutes, which definitely says how accessible it is. The best thing about this park is the view it offers to tourists. There are mountains and trees located all over the landscape. You can even ride a horse to go around the park as everything is far in between. There are campsites offered for tourists if you plan a more-than-a-day trip.

When staying in Mongolia, it is recommended to try sleeping in a ger for at least a night. A ger is portable tent that Mongolian nomads live in. In the Gobi Desert many of the families that house tourists stay in gers. There is no better way to get acquainted with Mongolian culture than to live like the Mongolians, even if for just a day.

You must also remember to give Mongolian cuisine a try. Some of their traditional dishes include Khorkhog, which is meat stew served specially for guests. In Ulan Bator, a restaurant chain called Modern Nomads offers a wide range of Mongolian cuisines as well as Western.

Planning for a trip in Mongolia also entails the costs of staying there. You don’t have to worry though because, although not necessarily cheap, the prices for the things you will need in Mongolia are affordable enough and justified. There are also certain travel guides that can help you plan your vacation better, especially if you’re looking for cheaper options.

Just like any vacation, always plan your trip well and research more on Mongolia to have a feel for the country you will be visiting.