The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Team

The Pool is made up of experienced paddlers who are devoted to competitive dragon boat racing and who meet the basic selection criteria. To join the Pool, paddlers must pass a skill test on the water and a fitness test and be able to swim 200 meters while wearing sports gear. Prospective members are then interviewed by the Committee. Pool members normally take part in at least one land and two water drills per week. The Competition Team is chosen from the members of the pool. The selection is based on fitness, paddling skills and attitude. Once selected, team members undergo intensive training of at least one land and three water drills per week

Becoming a paddler

By participating in Dragon Boat Racing, you can improve all aspects of your overall fitness, including strength, endurance and flexibility. You will develop self-discipline as well as a strong sense of co-operation and teamwork. To take part in dragon boat racing, you should be eager to develop a dedication to the sport, take up responsibility, work as part of a team and learn new skills. You can gain experience in by joining a local club or by joining the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association.