Speed dating tips

Have you ever taken part in speed dating event? Did it work for you? Have you ever successfully asked a guy or a girl out you met in speed dating? If your answer is no, it might as well go without saying that you don’t buy into speed dating. Hong Kong speed dating services are becoming more common than ever but speed dating has got a bad rap for a while ever since it was first introduced to the city. But it does not have to be the case. Here are some tips which might help you succeed in speed dating and win friendships.

Don’t just ask questions. You might be tempted to ask many questions as a way to fill the possible dead air in the first meeting. It is a nice manner to keep the ball rolling in the air but asking too many questions may render you to be unduly inquisitive and annoying. Ask your questions in a polite way and wait for answers. If you get a short answer, it is fine to ask a follow-up question to keep the action moving. But a long answer is given, you can give you own comment to encourage others to ask you questions. This will create a proper flow of conversation where both sides are taking questions and giving comments. This will also give rise to a fair and level playing field where everyone gets an equal chance to get to know each other. To be better prepared, try to come up with some popular topics that everyone can talk about. People are drawn to someone who can involve all, not someone who dominate the conversation.

Another point to note about asking question during speed dating is that don’t pry too deeply into someone’s private life. At this stage there no need to ask others how many boyfriends/girlfriends they had or how much money do they make each month. You should bear in mind that a speed dating is a chance to know some new friends. It is a preliminary stage for people to know each other. So if someone do not want to take certain questions, don’t try too hard to press for answers.

Don’t be late. You might also be tempted to arrive late for the first meeting just to give an impression that you’re a busy professional or you’re not really taking the event too seriously. This is not something to be encouraged. You will not look cool if you’re late for the event and instead will give a bad first impression to others. Arrive on time or 15 minutes earlier to show your sincerity if you want to be treated in the same way.

Lastly but not least, wear properly. Prepare a nice outfit for the first meeting is always the rule of thumb for speed dating. Smart casual is the way to go if you don’t want to look too formal or too casual. For females, it won’t do harm to put on some make-up when you’re nicely dressed up for the occasion. Lighten up your face by adding some colors can win you a good first impression.

These are the basic rules for speed dating that you can apply in your next meeting. Wish you success and have a good time.