Introducing Royal Caviar Club

There are few things in life that scream “luxury” quite like caviar. Caviar is elegant and exquisite. Caviar is quite literally the finer things in life. Few can match the elegant, high-class feel that caviar does.    

That’s where the Royal Caviar Club (RCC) comes in. RCC offers you exclusive access to the world of rare pleasures. RCC makes premium caviar, champagne, and luxury accessories easily accessible unlike ever before. We have a passion to source the very best of the best. Our premier products are carefully selected and packaged in an impeccable manner which allows you to buy caviar online from us with complete confidence. Get the finest caviar in Hong Kong with the best price.

What is our mission? To allow you to experience the culture of caviar and to bring the finest things in life within easy reach of everyone.     RCC began as a passion project among a small group of gourmet lovers from different backgrounds, all of us with an eye for value and exceptional quality. We bring to you a unique selection of the world’s finest delicacy thanks to a unique taste and vision.     The RCC brand is represented by Russian-born Oxana Dragun, “the Caviar Lady”, an acclaimed expert who uses her knowledge, passion for the product, and incomparable style to promote caviar culture. The RCC feels that caviar is more than just a food: it is a lifestyle.     Traditional caviar typically uses very little salt and no preservatives. Our farms use traditional Russian and Iranian techniques that are made with a purely manual procedure to ensure maximum quality. It is imperative that sturgeon roes remain fresh during the entire production process to maximize the quality. In order to produce the freshest, highest-quality russian caviar, a very stringent process must be adhered to. A dozen steps including retrieving the ovary, roe selection, roe washing, dripping, and salting must be finished in short order in a low-temperature environment by professional caviar masters to produce the very finest caviar.   

RCC produces “farm to table” caviar unlike any other available on the market:     — RCC offers only A-Grade caviar that we source from the best farms around the globe  — Our caviar is produced in an environmentally-friendly manner using sustainable farming methods  — RCC harvests from a limited number of premier sturgeon that are farmed in large rivers and lakes, very similar to wild surgeon  — RCC uses a minimum amount of salt and only a hint of oil –Our caviar is totally natural, 100% preservative-free — Each tin of our caviar comes with a CITES certificate and full documentation.    

In addition to the finest caviar shop in Hong Kong, we also offer some of the finest champagne on the market. From Louis Roederer Cristal Brut to Dom Perignon to Beau Joie Champagne Brut, each bottle of champagne comes in its own unique bag.     When shopping with the RCC, you can get the very best in luxury champagne and caviar to enrich your life. To buy caviar gold online with the RCC, you can rest easy knowing that our caviar is the finest quality that money can buy and that we go through a painstaking process to ensure that it is the best. Royal Caviar Club is the place to go for caviar, champagne, and a taste of luxury.

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