Give yourself a fresh look this summer

Summer has come and it’s getting hotter day by day. What many people don’t like about summer is that the face gets oily very easily and your makeup gets smeared. That’s even more trouble if you wear a pair of glasses. Why not give contact lenses a try to free yourself from (part of) the trouble?

The secret to the best contact lenses experience is choosing the best brand that suits you. More than that, you would have to know how to maintain these lenses so that they are in their best shape and do not eventually harm your eye.

Of course, any contact lenses experience can be a mess if you do not use them properly. Here are some tips for wearing contact lenses.


Before you purchase any contact lenses, whether you want to use it for recreational use or for correctional eyesight, you have to talk to your optician about it. This is especially crucial if you have dry eyes or any eye problems.

A good contact lens brand will not sell you the contact lenses without word from your optician. Besides, talking to your eye doctor will prove beneficial to you in the long run.


It always seems easier to get correctional eye lenses using an old prescription, however, using a wrong lens whether it be in your contact lenses or seeing glasses can make your eye sight worse. Visit your eye doctor for an update every time you need to replace your old glasses or buy a new set of contact lenses.

Besides simply getting the right prescription, you want to make sure that your chosen contact lenses do not dry out your eyes or cause irritation. This comes down to the brand again.


There is a lot of speculation about contact lenses especially among new users. Contact lenses are a great way to see the world and usually, there is nothing to worry about as long as you use them as prescribed. Follow the instructions on the manual and you will enjoy wearing your contact lenses.

Many contact lens brands are now more affordable and come in a set. Ditch your glasses this summer and give yourselves the trouble-free experience of wearing contact lenses.

Another plus of wearing contact lenses is that you have more choice of outfit. Wearing a pair of glasses on your face will somehow limit the choice of fashion you can drape over your body. Now, you can try different style of clothing, be it Parisian style or simple chic fashion. You may want to try to mix and match with a pair of fashion contact lenses which come in a range of colors instead of being transparent. Search for some Parisian style clothes in HK to give yourself a fresh look this summer!