Event Photographer in Hong Kong


Through my lens, I am keen on recording the joyous moments of events. Joining the backstage of a fashion show, I captured the excitement, enthusiasm and all the happenings behind the bright, chic and glamorous runway. For me as a fashion photographer hong kong, photography is not solely about capturing the best moments, but being able to tell the stories behind.

As an event photographer in hong kong, I always thought a perfect shot with the best angle and lighting was the way for a photographer to succeed. As I grew older, I realised that it is a photo that resonates brings the biggest impact to audience and success to a photographer. I believe the way to capture the most authentic moments is to press the shutter button without a second thought. To take an impressive photo, all it takes is your sincere passion for being an event photographer Hong Kong

With the ambitious vision and unique sense of aesthetics, my photography is geared towards celebrating the delicacy of this world – objects and people, static and dynamic. My team and I have shown profound understanding of photography and demonstrated professionalism. With the submission “Ocean Are Dead”, we have received one of the most prestigious awards – Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) in 2014.