5 Types Of Adventure Sports

You play sport to stay fit, and healthy and as well as to look good! Whatever reason that you decide to play a sport for, it’s the best thing that you can do to yourself since it will help you more in the long-term. Some of you take up the general popular sports such as running, swimming, and football while the others would want to take up something adventurous. Something daring that will challenge their limits such as mountain biking… Read More »5 Types Of Adventure Sports

Quit Smoking

Smoking is considered a deviant practice in many societies. It has many negative effects on health and personal life, that in many societies smoking is a habit which is looked down upon. In Hong Kong there are many who are smoking as a daily practice. It is commonly seen among youth and adults as well. One of the most serious effects of smoking is that it can easily make a person addictive to the practice. Many smokers who smoke for… Read More »Quit Smoking

Why High Heels are Bad for You

Ladies, in case you haven’t heard, high heels are bad for you. They put pressure on your back and feet and could cause severe pain symptoms. I understand why women are willing to go such great lengths to look as fabulous as they could be even at the expense of serious health problems. Sometimes you want to look presentable and dress to impress – that’s completely reasonable. But let me go into further details about how high heels affect your health and what you can do to make it better.

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Speed dating tips

Have you ever taken part in speed dating event? Did it work for you? Have you ever successfully asked a guy or a girl out you met in speed dating? If your answer is no, it might as well go without saying that you don’t buy into speed dating. Hong Kong speed dating services are becoming more common than ever but speed dating has got a bad rap for a while ever since it was first introduced to the city. But it does not have to be the case. Here are some tips which might help you succeed in speed dating and win friendships.

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Tips for going on vacation in Mongolia

Summertime is approaching and people are beginning to look for great vacation spots. Have you ever thought about going to Mongolia this summer? Despite being one of the most promising destinations for making capital investment in recent years, you might think that going to Mongolia on vacation is definitely out of the question. But before you completely dismiss the idea, let me tell you about the many wonderful things exploring Mongolia as a tourist can be other than channeling your capital and investing in Mongolia.

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A few tips on choosing property agent

Many people are taking advantage of the rise in the local real estate market by investing in residential or commercial properties. Young people are rushing to join the bandwagon of homeowners as they fear that climbing property prices will make home-buying impossible if prices continue to surge. By the same token, parents of new graduates are willing to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay up a big chunk of down payment to help their children buy their first residential units. Not only are potential home buyers and property investors enthusiastic about sweeping up units, residential property agents also welcome a heated market as they stand to benefit from a greater volume of transactions.

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